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Kronos Workforce / Kronos Connect (Integration Manager)

Kronos Workforce has taken the lead as our main focus over the past 5 years. We specialize in providing our Kronos clients with the best service imaginable that enables them to configure their Kronos Workforce for Time Management, Data Collection, and Labor Tracking.

If your company is currently using Kronos Workforce but you still find your staff struggling to manage the timekeeping tasks and interfaces to related systems such as HR, accounting, and payroll; ASC can help. We have experience in solving many of the common problems that companies find after implementing Kronos such as:

  • Complete planning and Kronos configuration services
  • Payroll Interfaces to systems such as Lawson or ADP
  • Employee Interfaces from HRP systems such as ADP Enterprise or Lawson
  • Labor-Costing Interfaces for enterprise accounting systems
  • Creation of automated labor reporting for management at all levels
  • Adding money-saving configurations into Kronos to better manage staff
  • Configuring Kronos to keep track of company accrual (time-off) plans
  • Developing Kronos Genies to allow managers to see exactly what they need to manage
  • Workflow development for time-off requests, approvals, other day-to-day functions