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Other Projects

While serving the needs of business for over 25 years, we have had the opportunity to work in many areas filling many different roles for our customers.

ADP Payroll

We know ADP; PC Payroll, Payforce, Enterprise, eTime. We have assisted many clients with ADP outsourcing and know how to keep these conversions running smoothly. We can assist with your data mapping, test cycle verifications, and conversion planning that will make your payroll conversion an on-time success.

IT Project Management / Conversion Support

No matter if you are introducing a new application system, outsourcing an IT function, or working to convert from one system to another, you need to have an experienced team to ensure success. Many times a software vendor or outsource partner will provide only general support to configure their systems, leaving you, the client to determine the data mappings, configuration options, verifications, testing, and keeping all of the conversion activities on schedule. Your staff is busy with their normal day-to-day jobs and cannot easily take on the additional workload of a system conversion. Avoid the failures, timeline overruns, and budget nightmares that come with a project that is not running smoothly.

IBM AS/400 (iSeries)

For the first 15 years, we were primarily focused on systems development and support for customers on the IBM AS/400 (iSeries) platform. We have also used this flexible machine for setting up large-scale data conversions between other dissimilar systems, as a temporary processing platform for hr, payroll, and timekeeping data, and many other custom software development projects. Entire business applications have been developed and implemented by our team in the areas of payroll, human resource management, materials management, equipment tracking, job cost accounting using international currencies, along with complex business reporting requirements, some still in use 15+ years later.

Data Center Migrations

When it comes time to move your IT infrastructure from one location to another, a great deal of planning comes into play to minimize the downtime and ensure that your end users will not suffer from the lack of continuity. We have successfully managed a number of such moves with great success.